With the right equipment, and the right materials, we can cut quality flange gaskets specific for your application.  If you have an pipe flange that has a leakage issue, please let us help.  We love to provide solutions!

With access to Spiral Wound manufacturers in Texas, Italy, Korea, China we can ship economically anywhere in the world.

We can provide the most effective flange gaskets using the best availability materials. You can never go wrong insisting on quality.  You name the brand, and we can provide it.

Full Face and Ring Gaskets are cut from all of the following materials.

  • Cork
  • Expanded PTFE – Great in Semi-conductor and chemical applications.
  • Flexible Graphite – Excellent for high temperature applications
  • Red Rubber – For general water service
  • Buna-N / Nitrile – Compatible with most oils and hydrocarbons
  • EPDM – Exceptional in ozone applications
  • FKM – Commonly referred to as Viton, handles many chemicals
  • FFKM – Commonly referred to as Kalrez, handles even more chemicals
  • Mica – A high temperature material for temperatures over 850 F
  • Non-asbestos – A blend of rubber and pressure resistant fibers.
  • PTFE – A plastic commonly referred to as Teflon. Chemically resistant.
  • Silicone – Ozone resistant and excellent sealing material – Not compatible with oils.
  • SBR – Styrene Butyl Rubber – An early synthetic rubber that swells when exposed to oil.
  • Viton

Spiral Wound Gaskets

Spiral wound gaskets are made in many different versions. They always have a metal winding and a filler, but usually have an outer ring to hold pressure.  If a vacuum is present, and inner ring is added to prevent collapse.

Kamm Gaskets

Kamm gaskets are commonly being converted to from spiral wound gaskets as a more durable solution.

RTJ Gaskets

Our Gasket Material manufactures include:


Gasket Resources

FMI / Carrara

Thermoseal / Klinger



Insulation Gasket Kits

Insulation / Isolation kits generally come in 3 basic versions. Type F gaskets that are ring gasket designs. Type E gaskets which are Full Face designs. RTJ versions are made for use with RTJ flanges. Higher performance versions have O-ring type seals mounted into a Phenolic or Glass reinforced Epoxy. Performance versions can have two seal rings, a primary and a back-up.

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